“BizOluş” 💕🤝🙏

Individual Fulfillment to Organizational Wealth

“Biz” means we in Turkish and “Oluş” (pronounced as all-oush) means process. “BizOluş” program is an interwoven process network supporting both individual and organizational development of a group of people gathered for a real mission. Basic process uses structured dialogs and awakening questions between two individuals and between an individual and the group. How this mechanism works relies on both the acceptance of an observation that we are all equally human beings and the scientifically proven fact that we all have a drive for development. Listening each other with all our might and making each individual and the group responsible for their own development without intervention are primary mechanisms.

To be able to start “BizOluş” program and make it effective, all individuals of a group must first acquire a working knowledge of a set of common notions and methods. These basic skills include listening actively by heart, value adding communication skills, and basic human condition awareness. Practically this program should first be started to strengthen and homogenize these skills.

To establish individual dialogs, the program can use more experienced (possibly older) employees as “BizOluş facilitators”. The facilitator and the other person involved in the dialog (“BizOluş potential”) involve in private talk that remove barriers from individual happiness with their structured and one-on-one nature. The content of these dialogs can use a common part shared by the whole organization, however the interactive process arising from spontaneous humane existence of the facilitator and the potential is the essential content. This continually established interconnection between two individuals can form the first base in the realization of why they are together under an organization and therefore making their real mission clear. This will extend their family like belonging to their organization and improve the quality of their existence when they work. Both individuals and the whole organization can use this developing content to accelerate their happiness at work. However, private content between two individuals are secured with a signed document before starting these dialogs. As a further guarantee the two individuals can be selected among employees with no work related reporting between them.

Group dialogs can also be established with similar structure and intent. One facilitator and a group of potentials can form a “BizOluş group”. They can use a shared common content or produce a content of their own dynamically. Most useful indirect effects of these group dialogs can range from problem solving to product development. Potentials in a groups can either be selected from the same level and role in their organizational structure or they can be mixed. To make top management own these efforts they must either be included in the group or updated frequently together with the group. Even though a “BizOluş group” is useful it must not replace individual one-on-one process because to realize “Us” each and every one of us must be heard.

Apart from increasing happiness at work and therefore in life, “BizOluş” program can have different indirect effects depending on the focus of its shared content, structure of the dialogs and group work. For example, these effects can be increasing the level of worker engagement, obtaining know-how on a certain domain, building an innovation culture, sharing the mission of the organization with the world, building a long living healthy company with a family spirit, etc. The program can be augmented with qualitative analysis and measurement techniques. A systematic process improvement shell can be installed. However, these scientific measures should be balanced with heartfelt insights to prevent mechanization.